Wulfric Elderkin is a former mercenary and prisoner of war commanded into galactic mercenary business turned member of The Enforcers, alongside Cobra Bubbles, Isaac Bubbles, Bandit, Vendra Kalanika and Esbjörn.




Prisoner of War

At the age of 4, Wulfric was taken away by a violent space cult. Growing up in a violent environent, Wulfric was disciplined harshly and was made a soldier during this time. Once battles were finished, he was tortured and kept in solitary confinement away from the world. Witnessing the deaths of many which he has caused, Wulfric was driven almost insane, keeping a small bit of sanity to follow his capturers.

Employment from Mr. Phantom

At the age of atleast 26, Wulfric had become one of the wars most dangerous soldiers, some going as far as to say a supersoldier.

Personality Traits

Wulfric is . Being raised as a prisoner of war put an effect on him. Wulfric is usually on a search of redemption, realising the pain and grief he has caused to others. As his job as a mercenary, Wulfric used brutal methods to kill, injure, cripple or just press information out of people.

Since recovering from the control, Wulfric became less masochistic, but still maintained his stoic behaviour and vile attitude. He became a bit more relaxed, but was still uneven and rough. His role in the Enforcers was very controversial, though he became a noble friend and team-mate.




  • - Former boss turned enemy

Powers & Abilities







  • Wulfric or Wolfric is an Anglo-Saxon masculine given name, composed of the elements wulf "wolf" and ric "rich, powerful". It could mean “wolf power” or “wolf ruler”.