Vendragakish Kalanika, typically called just Vendra, is the daughter of and eldest of her sister and brother . She is a former mercenary turned galactic hero. Renouncing her royal title and leaving her home planet in search for a better life, Vendra was tricked into a life of crime. Later a key individual in the Battle of Messier 81 with the help of Cobra Bubbles, Isaac Bubbles, BanditEsbjörn and Wulfric Elderkin, she became one of the members of The Enforcers.


Early Life

Not much is know about Bianca's early life. Bianca was born into a forgagan family. She grew up on Heapon, but not very happily. In search for a better life, she soon set out to see what the universe can hold for her, although being told her destiny lies with her people. Bianca disagreed, leaving her family and the Forgagan's behind.

Training & Hired by Mr. Phantom

Travelling across the universe, Bianca was trained by some of the greatest teachers across the universe. She had learned a wide-range of abilities and grew into a rough environment. She became a deadly warrior, highly praised by her masters. Mr. Phantom, a crimelord, took interest into Bianca's skills and hired her, convincing he is for the good of the Universe, something she set out to do.

For these many years, she worked for Mr. Phantom, believing to do right.

Interrogating Isaac

On a lead from her boss, Bianca sets out to Earth to a man called Isaac, believed to have contacts with Mr. Phantom who currently set himself up as a fake 'Private Detective Agency' to convince Bianca. Bianca went to Earth, with no info prevailing, being forced to leave. When she returned, Mr. Phantom was disappointed and punished Bianca for her fail.


Meeting Cobra

Some time later, another assignment was tasked in the assassination of Cobra, convinced by Mr. Phantom that he's a 'threat' to the entire Universe. However, she would soon to be proven wrong...

Returning to Earth, she surprised Cobra at The Island 2 and they had a duel, with Cobra learning of her master and more information about Bianca herself. After winning, Cobra puts Bianca into the custody of the Galactic Federation, where she was sent to await interrogation.

Sudden Realisation

Keeping her cool, Bianca waited until Cobra appeared into the interrogation room. Asking her a few questions, he discovers she has been led to believe are all lies and she is working for the bad guys, thinking she was on a crusade for good. Bianca, immediately understood and asked Cobra to spare her and it was a misunderstanding. Being carted off to trial after an unfortunate decline, Bianca had the strong feeling he would return. 

Smashing right through into the trial room, Cobra rescued Bianca and escaped, now distaining his record with the Galactic Federation. Cobra introduces Isaac and Bandit to Bianca, giving her back her gear as well. Heading out on Bianca's information from her helmet, they head to a set of co-ords.

The Abandoned Project

Heading to a seemingly strange and abandoned planet, Isaac is left to protect the SCTTC. Accompanying  Cobra and Bandit, Bianca heads to the only building seemingly with light or power. Inside, it is discovered to be a research room, previously inhabited by smart extinct beings called the Darkeners and that the 'power light' is actually some type of creation with the appearance of a human. After hearing them enter, the creation unplugs itself from the machine, where it floats and turns around, talking to the others.

Finding out that the 'creation' was actually a project which turned against the Darkeners, wiping out the entire species on the planet and took the entire energy of the planet. If he's on it, the planet will keep intact, but if left it will be destroyed. Allieing himself with the others, he names himself 'Jack'. Although still wondering if Jack wasn't all accepting and friendly as he appeared to be, Bianca is very cautious of Jack when Cobra let's him come with them.

Battle and Disagreement

Leaving, the planet is destroyed and Jack is onboard the SCTTC with Bianca, Isaac, Bandit & Cobra. Travelling to another informant, they discover it is a trap all set up by Mr. Phantom. After a brief encounter, Mr. Phantom leaves and sends his other trained minion. The Titanium Man from the Countryside seen years ago is this trained minion, who fights the gang with other of Mr. Phantoms goons, seemingly overpowering them. Cobra get's everyone else onboard to safety, as well as himself.

Seemingly away, Jack attacks Cobra, blaming him for the incident to which Bandit seems to agree as well, surprising as Cobra has been good friends with Bandit for ages. Isaac, pulling Jack off Cobra says that it wasn't his fault. They begin to start arguing, as to which it soon ends as soon as Cobra settles everyone down. Explaining the situation, they finally get themselves together, still very paranoid of each other and reluctantly agreeing to stop Mr. Phantom. They head out once again, trying to find a source of some kind until finally coming across a deal to which they discover more locations of Mr. Phantoms factories and bases.

First Base

Discovering a location of there first of many bases, Cobra, Isaac, Bandit, Bianca & Jack infiltrated the base, trying to get information of Mr. Phantoms location and his business. Discovering a plethora of test subjects that Mr. Phantom had been experimenting on, some data was packed up and sent to the SCTTC. Taking down the base and discovering a series of bases across many galaxies and planets, they set out to take down Mr. Phantom and put an end to his case.

Discovering of there plans, Mr. Phantom employs his now most valued minion to track them down and stop them in there tracks. Disagreeing, Mr. Phantom tortures him into going to do his work, to which he does so as soon as the torture is finished.

The Galactic Federation was far behind in there case, discovering about the team led by Cobra taking things into there own hands much to the Grand Councilwoman's surprise. The titanium man is also following behind, hoping to catch up with the team.

Caught Up

Heading to the next base, Bianca and the others invade once more and easily take it down. They head out as soon as they finish off the base for the next location. The mercenary is just mere seconds away, getting out information quickly to there location. Getting to the planet, the mercenary sets them up.

With them arriving, they arrived on a cliffside, broken down and having a show-down. After fighting through waves of men, the mercenary finally beat them all down, forcing them to leave. Bandit, the only one able to control the SCTTC at the time takes them to a safe location: the Countryside.


Coming to the countryside, they set up and take a rest, making them able to recover from there from the fight they just had. Cobra and Isaac talk about what is going on with them, Bianca & Bandit talk about themselves to each other and Jack watches on. Isaac is bewildered in Cobra's decisions, while Bianca and Bandit start to get a bit more friendly with each other.

A day later, they head out back into the cosmos to continue there journey to the second base.

Return to The Tower & The Green Cube

After recovering, they return to the planet, making a big entrance. Cobra heads to the roof to deal with the mercenary, while the others go into the tower and take out all who stand in the way. Having a fight up at the top, Cobra deals with the mercenary and sends him into the sky, and the whole building begins to collapse. Jumping out, Cobra and the others successfully destroy the base and head back into the cosmos in another search for Mr. Phantoms numerous bases. 

Meanwhile, the mercenary crawls out of the water of the random planet, with Mr. Phantom and his goons pulling him out. Torturing and restoring his emotion detector, Mr. Phantom keeps the merc close to him. 

Confrontation on Raxava

Heading to Raxava Delta, they find a hidden base and Mr. Phantom seemingly planning to build it up. Confronting him, they take out the guards silently and face off against him. Being tricked, Cobra, Isaac, Bianca & Jack fight off against an acid monster while Bandit & Mr. Phantom have a battle in the air.

Defeating the monster, they head outside to fight against Mr. Phantom once again. Mr. Phantom is shut out by Jack and then by disappearing, escapes. The others quickly set off in the SCTTC to the final base of Mr. Phantoms.

The Final Battle

Heading to Mr. Phantom's spacebase, the team sneak inside and takedown guards and numerous goons silently. Isaac and Jack goes outside into space to enter a small cannon on another small station. Bandit is put into the vent system to hack and debug systems, as well as unlock numerous doors. Cobra and Bianca wait for Bandit to unlock the door to the Biodome, Mr. Phantom's location.

When reaching the cannon station, the entire station was alerted to there prescence. Getting into the biodome, the team confront Mr. Phantom and keep him monologuing. Jack and Isaac utilize the cannons to knock Mr. Phantoms ships out of the sky. Cobra begins battling the mercenary and Bianca & Bandit fight Mr. Phantom's goons. Jack and Isaac finish up and return to the main station, assisting in the battle.

Overthrowing the mercenary and destroying his emotion detector, Cobra rejoins the battle and overthrow them. Mr. Phantom reveals the cannister inside the biodome to be some sort of dark energy. Absorbing it, Mr. Phantom turned into a powerful dark phantom. The mercenary, revealing his name to be Alex Smith, comes to there aid. Mr. Phantom fires the black energy at Cobra, where he is able to hold it, but not for long. Knowing they would help, Cobra fired out the energy into the others, keeping the power stable. After they are all connected, Cobra fires the black energy back at Mr. Phantom, causing the biodome to smash open and Mr. Phantom to be sucked up into the vaccuum of space. Then extinguishing the connection and the energy, Galactic Federation ships come over to the biodome and pick them up.

Becoming a Team

Coming onboard the flagship, each of them are commended for there actions and are given medals as honour. Soon after, the Grand Councilwoman says to Cobra they'll be checking in now and then on them. Nodding, the newly formed 'Enforcers' team set off into the SCTTC ready for adventure.

Bianca demats with Jack and Alex, setting off to do her own personal thing.

Personality Traits

Bianca is a determined, stoic, but yet caring individual. She left her planet in a search of a better purpose in life, showing her determination. She's idealistic, supported by her realizing that there was more to life then being served on foot and heel twenty four seven, choosing to defect from the Forgagans. Her views are mature and sensible, and she is selfless and always highly regarding.

She is always up for a battle, but is convinced all too easily. During her days working for Mr. Phantom, she was assigned tasks and was always completing them successfully. Her smooth approach to the work are signs of her professionalism, which she seems to take a lot of pride in.

Bianca's very intelligent, as well as an excellent adversary in battle. She uses her logic and reasoning to solve problems easily, and sometimes contributes plans towards her teammates. Using her charms to her advantage, she is able to seduce folks into revealing secrets during interrogations and win over people in her work to help. </span>Bianca goes to great lengths to achieve her goals, but for good and not bad, even if she must retort to bad to complete her aims. She likes to work independently during these tasks, although lets others help when she needs it most. 

Bianca's family has pretended like she doesn't exist. She takes offense to this, and seeks to impress her family so that her relationship with them is no longer distained. She cares deeply about the ones most important to her, and would go through a lot to see them safe.



  • Mother
  • Father
  • Sister
  • Brother



  • Former boss turned enemy

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  • Originally, Vendra's name was Bianca, a feminine given name or an Italian family name meaning "white", acting also as an Italian cognate of Blanche.