Time Agents are good and bad men in suits featured prominently. The Agents purpose is to change (without interfering) to leave an effect with no evidence of cause. This means they are usually untraceable, undetectable, invisible. To all intent and purposes, the Agents do not exist. But some of the Agents are corrupt. These prove a very difficult threat in times when they are used as an assistance army.


19th Century

In the 19th century, the man called Lennox Scot MacDonald invented the Vortex Manipulator. Atleast 5 years later, he had built many of Vortex Manipulators, enough for a group. Lennox set up the Time Agency, to help fix up the errors in the universe and go on secret missions across Time & Space, only in serious occasions.

20th-21st Century

After the forming of the Time Agency, only a few we're allowed to be apart of the Agency for reasons unknown. The Agency went on a few missions and were successful everytime. Not long after, a bunch of Agents decided to go against the normal order, and, hidden throughout the Agency were corrupt Time Agents. Lennox had later died of old age and his position as leader was taken up by Fergus Arran Moffett, the second in command at the Agency. Years passed and the Agency still went strong.

Years had passed since Fergus took over Lennox's leadership and has kept a stable position as the Leader in the Agency. Fergus planned a secret pact in 2012 with Barack Obama on Earth, but Obama refused because he found the pact 'evil and manipulative', letting the Agency know they can handle problems on Earth themselves. Sometime during 2014, a well known corrupt Time Agent called Agent X murdered Fergus and took over the Agency, corrupting it to the core, leading to the 'X' incident.

The Time Agents were led to believe that the Bubbles were a threat by Agent X and had to be stopped, to which they agreed and set off out to kill every last one of them.

Notable Time Agents

  • Cobra Bubbles
  • Agent X