"It's the only way to save him." - Cobra on The Isle'd Sceptre

The Isle'd Sceptre is a staff which has the power to bring back the dead, but it is only usable each billion years. You will need permission from the rulers of Celestia to use the weapon, and they will know (if you have) you've time travelled.

The Staff was briefly used to revive someone from the dead.



Forged at the beginning of time by the Overseers, The Isle'd Sceptre was given to the Celestial-Beings as a gift. It was intended to be used to bring back the dead. The Sceptre was hidden on a lone Island on Celestia, as well as being guarded by The Spiritaler, a dangerous and lethal opponent. The Sceptre was never sought out by any evil being, however, because they knew it would be too dangerous to enter Celestia and try take it by force. 


The Sceptre, in it's main form, has a golden handle and a gold fitting which usually holds all manner of sources. It allows its owner to open rifts through dimensions, fire powerfully destructive blasts of all energy, communicate across space through a form of astral projection, and bring people back from the dead.

The scepter functions as a formidable weapon, it's end being great for close combat and smashing enemies heads in, beating most in combat with ease. It is made from extremely durable materials, as it was able to match up to some of the most powerful weapons in the universe. 

When using the sceptre to bring back the dead, it has limits in years. To bring back the dead, 2 people most be beside a body, grave or skeleton of a body, the both of them holding the sceptre and produce wisp-like energy from the sceptre, which is transferred into the person’s body where it then rebuilds the body and brings the dead to life again. People put under this will often regain their individuality after receiving a significant object, quote or even just a simple name, as a temporary loss of consciousness will allow their normal mental state to "reset" and return. The sceptre will then fizzle away and return to it's original spot, regrowing itself for a few hundred years and then being able to be used again

Through it's durable materials, the sceptre can hold energy or even collect types of ammo and explosives and blast it back through a quick charge. These can prove very handy in tough situations.

Through it's many powers, the scepter is also able to link the consciousness of its wielder to that of another. This form of astral projection appears to have no real limits on distance. Anyone can be contacted through this type of astral projection.


  • To make it not seem like a great big MacGuffin, the decision made for it to be used only each 1 million years so everybody couldn't be brought back and make it seem like a easy plot resolution.
  • The name of this item is a play on the Marvel comic entitled 'Avengers: Age of Ultron Prelude - This Isle'd Sceptre.'

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