The Enforcers are a team of diverse intergalactic individuals led by Cobra Bubbles. The team formed to stop Mr Phantom, an interdimensional phantom crimelord, responsible for many dangerous and illegal operations across many galaxies alike as well as numerous murders of important people. After stopping  from enacting the destruction of Messier 81 and enforcing law against his operations, they gained universal recognition. Isaac suggested the name for the team to which they all agreed on before the team dissolved for a while.

The team has been active for some time now, and has protected planets and galaxies from multiple threats, now looming after the destruction in the event many refer to as 'Apocolypse'. The team enforces the law on these threats, usually resulting in them being locked away and sentenced with the Galactic Federation. The team are considered outlaws and councils have condemned their actions.




Name Description
Cobra Bubbles

Cobra Bubbles is a Celestial. Over the years, Cobra has become a Prosecutor, a Social Worker and now currently a former CIA agent who works with them on occassion, leader of The Enforcers, commander of the Hamardryade and father to Isaac Bubbles and his late daughter Ariette.

Isaac Bubbles

Isaac Bubbles is a human and the son to the leader of the Enforcers, Cobra Bubbles. Isaac discovered of his long lost father, and went back in time to rescue him. Currently travels alongside his father, Cobra, and his best friend, Bandit.


Bandit is a Chronocyon, the ancient ancestors of the Procyonidae family and the protectors of time.

Vendragakish Kalanika

Vendragakish Kalanika is a former assassin turned hero. She set out from the rest of her species to do good and became a warrior. Vendra was unknowingly working for the polar opposite of good and became a well known assassin. She, however, was finally told the truth and took control. Her contribution and assistance to the capture of  earned her a new repuation as a noble fighter, allowing her to become a member of the Enforcers.


Esbjörn is a mysterious entity created by the Darkeners. Showing his eager attitude, courage and sacrifice he became a member of the Enforcers.

Wulfric Elderkin

Wulfric Elderkin is an ex-galactic mercenary, born into a life of torture. His un-predictable attitude is always challenged. His search for redemption began after the team formed so he would be ready for when they re-assembled.



  • Galactic Federation (Temporarily)
    • Grand Councilwoman
  • Susan Englebert