The Enforcers are a team of diverse intergalactic individuals led by Cobra Bubbles. The team formed to stop Mr Phantom, an interdimensional phantom crimelord, responsible for many dangerous and illegal operations across many galaxies alike as well as numerous murders of important people. After stopping Mr. Phantom from enacting his plans and enforcing law against his operations, they gained universal recognition. Isaac suggested the name for the team to which they all agreed on before the team dissolved for a while.

The team has been active for some time now, and has protected planets and galaxies from multiple threats, now looming after the destruction in the event many refer to as 'Apocolypse'. The team enforces the law on these threats, usually resulting in them being locked away and sentenced with the Galactic Federation. The team are considered outlaws and councils have condemned their actions.



New Journey

When Cobra Bubbles met Bianca, he distained his record with the Galactic Federation in order to break the former assassin out and ask her questions about her master, Mr. Phantom, an interdimensional crimelord. Using information on Bianca's helmet, they set off for possible clues. Isaac and Bandit are brought along for the ride. It's revealed she was intending to work for good but now knows she chose wrong.

Instead, they came across an abandoned planet and there met Jack Rogers, an abandoned mutant who accompanied the team. Using his unique abilities, he was able to initiate a galactic search for places of interest and possible fronts for Mr. Phantoms operations. 

Heading to there first location, the group are ambushed but escape. After a brief arguement, they are calmed and leave for the first base. Reluctantly agreeing to fight with each other, the team pulls through and takes down Phantom's first base of operations. They continue on and do another one. Their next planet they are once again ambushed, but by Mr. Phantoms personal mercenary, Alex Smith. The team barely escape alive and retreat to the countryside.

Back in The Game

Coming to rest and heal back at the Countryside, Isaac is curious about what Cobra is thinking. While they discuss personal matters, Bianca and Bandit share some information about each other and become acquainted. Coming back together, Cobra explains the situation and Mr. Phantom seems to be enacting something dangerous. Afraid, Cobra convinces them that they can do it and that there sacrifice hasn't been in vain. Coming back together, they set off once again in search for Mr. Phantom.


The team return to the previous base and break there way through the voices. The mercenary, Alex Smith is defeated and the team make an epic escape. With the new information gained from this tower, they were able to locate his new location. They find a hidden base on Raxava Delta and have there first confrontation with Mr. Phantom. He escapes, however, but leaves valuable information to his whereabouts. The team then re-assemble to prepare for there final battle with him.

Enforcers Enforcing

Finding his location, the team invade his base of operations. The team sneak inside and takedowns guards and numerous goons silently. Isaac and Jack goes outside into space to enter a small cannon on another small station. Bandit is put into the vent system to hack and debug systems, as well as unlock numerous doors. Cobra and Bianca wait for Bandit to unlock the door to the Biodome, Mr. Phantom's location.

When reaching the cannon station, the entire station was alerted to there presence. Getting into the biodome, the team confront Mr. Phantom and keep him monologuing. Jack and Isaac utilize the cannons to knock Mr. Phantoms ships out of the sky. Cobra begins battling the mercenary and Bianca & Bandit fight Mr. Phantom's goons. Jack and Isaac finish up and return to the main station, assisting in the battle.

Overthrowing the mercenary and destroying his memory crasher, Cobra rejoins the battle and overthrow them. Mr. Phantom reveals the cannister inside the biodome to be some sort of dark energy. Absorbing it, Mr. Phantom turned into a powerful dark phantom. The mercenary, revealing his name to be Alex Smith, comes to there aid. Mr. Phantom fires the black energy at Cobra, where he is able to hold it, but not for long. Knowing they would help, Cobra fired out the energy into the others, keeping the power stable. After they are all connected, Cobra fires the black energy back at Mr. Phantom, causing the biodome to smash open and Mr. Phantom is blasted down to the floor, defeated by the energy. Then extinguishing the connection and the energy, Galactic Federation ships come over to the biodome and pick them up. Mr. Phantom is taken into custody.


With the threats neutralized and taken into the Federation's hands, the team are thanked by the federation and Cobra's short-time distained relationship is forgotten. They are rewarded for their help in saving possibly millions of peoples lives. They agree that they will become a team and Isaac suggests The Enforcers. They agree on it, and the team dissolve until they're required to re-form. Bianca goes to search for good to do while the team is on withhold, Jack goes in search for a possible purpose and Alex goes off the grid.

Cobra, Isaac and Bandit go back to the SCTTC and return to there normal business.


Name Description
Cobra Bubbles

Cobra Bubbles is a celestial being, who came to Earth via an option from his people. Over the years, Cobra has become an Earth Wizard (as all Celestials already have powers), while also having various jobs as a Time Agent, a Hogwarts Professor, a Prosecutor, a Social Worker and now currently a former CIA agent who works with them on occassion, leader of The Enforcers, commander of the B.O.A (ship) and father to Isaac Bubbles and his late daughter Ariette. Cobra's achievements are wide, from having an Order of Merlin 1st Class, Member of the Wizengamot and being Member of the Order of The Phoenix. He also was a Time Agent. 

Isaac Bubbles

Isaac Bubbles, son to Cobra Bubbles, is a human. He, like his father, was invited to Hogwarts and became an Earth wizard. Isaac discovered of his long lost father, and went back in time to rescue him. After, Isaac was involved in an incident that permanantly ruined him, but was saved by Cobra by giving him a ninja suit to stay alive. Sometime after, Isaac is restored but is fond of the ninja suit and uses it regularly. He is currently travelling alongside his father, Cobra, and his best friend, Bandit.


Bandit is a Chronocyn. He was sent in time to Venice, Earth to be safe from his species oncoming war. Discovered by Isaac, his powers were re-activated by crazy scientists (becoming anthropromorphic, able to talk, use weapons, etc) and escaped and met Cobra. Cobra re-introduced Isaac to Bandit and Bandit & Isaac became immediate best friends. His species, Chronocyn's, are ancient ancestors of the Procyon family types, which are also anthropromorphic, found on Earth and that the Chronocyn's control some form of time. Bandit has inherited some of those unique alien abilities, but is also trained in the vertility of weapons as well as being master engineer, tactician and marksman.

Bianca Kindleberry

Bianca is a former Forgagan assassin, turned hero. She set out from the rest of her species to do good and became a warrior. Hired by Mr. Phantom, Bianca was unknowingly working for the polar opposite of good and became a well known assassin. She, however, was finally told the truth and took control. Her contribution and assistance to the capture of Mr. Phantom earned her a new repuation as a noble fighter, allowing her to become a member of the Enforcers.

Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers is a mysterious being created by the Darkeners. He became self aware however and obliterated the power, wiping out all of it's life, including the Darkeners. Discovered by Cobra and the others on there quest, Jack agreed to assist them as he knew his powers would help in there mission. Although reluctant, Cobra allowed him to join in. Showing his eager attitude, courage and sacrifice by capturing Mr. Phantom alongside the others, he became a member of the Enforcers.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith is an ex-galactic mercenary, born into a life of torture. His life affected him majorly. Alex was trained and disciplined violently, being driven insane. He was brought in by Mr. Phantom and tortured to do his bidding, finally being driven insane and stoic. While a merc for Mr. Phantom, he was assigned a task to take down the people who was a pain in his side, but was however saved by them. Eager to help, he saves them for a close call and is forgiven by the now formed team. His un-predictable attitude is always challenged. His search for redemption began after the team formed so he'd be ready for when they re-assembled.



  • Galactic Federation
    • Grand Councilwoman
    • Susan Englebert