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The SCTTC (Specilized Celestial Time Travel Capsule) is a Celestial-Being creation, created by the King & Queen of Celestia for Cobra Bubbles on his 15th birthday.

The SCTTC has been Cobra Bubbles main ship ever since it returned to him, and has changed quite alot from it's first appearance.


The SCTTC usually moves through time & space, AKA a process known as "materialisation". This was controlled by the Crystal of Cradra. If the crystal was removed, then the SCTTC will completely go down, as well as it's built in A.I. The SCTTC also can fly through space like conventional spacecraft.

When the SCTTC materialises, it will always land as quiet as possible. This is to prevent any sort of attention. Sometimes when it materialises, it takes the form of a sphere on stilts, but sometimes it becomes invisible or matches up with a particular wall pattern to disguise itself. 

Features and Functions

Dimensionally Transcendental

One of the key features questioned by many humans and other species is how the small exterior comes out into a big interior. This is because the interior exists in a dimension different from the exterior. This feature requires use of "dimensional dams". 

Built in A.I

The built in A.I nicknamed 'ZM' keeps the SCTTC intact, safe and constantly updated. The A.I can multitask a billion programmes at one time and still follow the commands of the owner of the ship. The A.I actually has a personality of itself, taking on the voice of a female.

Security Features

The SCTTC's AI built in a security consisting of an isomorphic console, battle modes and reinforced exterior armour. This is used alot to fight off ships, like for example fighter ships, fleets or armadas in space. It is also used to shoot, distract or save people, exampled when Bandit tried to use the ships cannons to take the Puppetmaster out and use the armour to reflect Puppetmasters attack against Doctor. 

The SCTTC's exterior is able to change into a battle type mode or a giant weapon around the sphere.


The SCTTC is a strange ship with lots of rooms, many which aren't seen or merely referenced through passing. The SCTTC is a very strange ship, as it is quite endless. There are probably a billion doors inside the ship, all dedicated to something, but it is impossible to know what they all are. If you go too far into the SCTTC, you will get lost. These reasons are why Cobra and Isaac have always questioned 'why?' and 'how?', but it is unlikely the truth and what all those doors really lead to will,and what they could all mean will ever be known it's going to remain a mystery. 

Here is a list of rooms known.

Control Room

The Primary Room of any SCTTC, the Console Room allows owners of the SCTTC to fly through time and travel to many other places by merely typing in co-ordinates for location or date and time for time travelling. The Console has many useful features, such as holographic projectors, levers and buttons for miscellaneous things, storage, databases, project's, scanners, communication rays, charts and a built-in A.I which keeps the SCTTC intact and logged.


  • The SCTTC used to be called the ZM and crash landed in a random mall for Cobra Bubbles. This was changed, however as the ZM was a cheesy name. Instead, the ship's AI was named the ZM.
  • The original SCTTC was a generic looking box, until recieving numerous upgrades to the ship incorporated by Cobra.

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