"Behold... Phantasma! A planet, not all that pretty and full of transparent floating phantoms..."―Isaac

Phantasma is a distant planet hidden in the Gargant Galaxy. It was home to the Veinrile, until the mysterious Knights of Phantasm came and purged the entire planet into a barren wasteland. After that day, the planet was used as a land for untouched and deadly dead phantoms, spirits and souls. The planet was later renamed to Phantasma by the Knights of Phantasm.

It is the homeworld of countless dead beings.



Phantasma was once a thriving planet on which the Veinrile used to inhabit. The planet was taken over by the Knights of Phantasm, and was turned into a dark and barren wasteland for many dead beings to inhabit. The Knights of Phantasm became the new rulers of there new wasteland, and created a forceful gateway for any dead spirits, souls, ghosts or phantoms to stay forever.


Phantasma's appearance is usually a very dark and dirty planet, with countless monsoons and storms, often resulting in the planet to feel very post-apocalyptic. There are countless graves and no growing fauna or plantation. It's a truly dead planet.

It's constant foginess and creepy atmosphere bring alot of tension whenever visiting, due to it's very bleak and negative appearance.

Known Inhabitants

  • Knights of Phantasm
  • Phantoms
  • Abandoned Spirits/Souls
  • Ghosts
  • Skeletons


  • Phantasma's name is inspired by the 1993 American animated superhero mystery film featuring the DC comics character Batman titled 'Batman: Mask of the Phantasm'. Even some of the skeletons on Phantasma are similiar to the mask of the Phantasm.
  • The Phantoms and Phantasma were created to give a much more eerier and creepy side of the universe.