The Forgagans are a race of self-righteous hexapods with large horns on their heads governed by a hive mind and live a simple life with nature. They were first heard of when Isaac referenced them and then once again where a Forgagan Assassin attacked Isaac at The Island. They were later seen numerous times on Heapon, their homeworld.


The Rogue Assassin

When the news broke out of a Forgagan rogue, Isaac had been reading up on it and wondered who it might've been. Nothing else was heard from them until the rogue, (AKA: Bianca Kindleberry) came to Isaac in the form of an assassin, presumably hired. Soon after the questioning, the assassin ran from the scene.

Not long after, Isaac decided to go to the planet, Heapon in search of some guidance or clue about the mysterious woman. Heading to Lando's Library, he was unable to locate anything regarding a rogue Forgagan, as the entire species has never set outside of there homeworld.

Characteristic Traits

The Forgagans, while very powerful, are very peaceful. There self-righteous hexapods with large horns on their heads. They are highly intelligent, with there lowest I.Q's being at around 200 and the highest over 1200. They're not controlled by any higher authority. They have superhuman strength, hive minds, control over many species of fauna, but there main strength is the massive amount of protection on their planet.



  • None


  • Annauki
  • Time Agents
  • Lafax


  • Although assisted many times by many space departmants like the Galactic Federation and team's like The Enforcers, the Forgagans have still kept there distance, even after there accepted offer to help in many wars. 
  • The Forgagans are actually largely responsible for ivy to grow on many planets.