"This isn't goodbye."
―Cobra Bubbles letting Ariette's soul/spirit free

Ariette Bubbles was the daughter of Cobra Bubbles and the brother of Isaac Bubbles.


Early Life

Ariette was born on Earth in 1994 to Cobra's second wife (unknown). She, unlike Isaac, was actually born with Celestial blood. She grew up not knowing her father and lived happily as a child with her mother.


At the age of 8, Ariette was kidnapped from her home. After 6 months, her body was discovered in an old cottage in Scotland with severe head wounds, gunshot wounds, broken bones, evidence of being strangled by the neck and butchered body parts. Cobra, finding out about the existance of a daughter goes to the cottage and discovers Ariette's soul in a light. He was able to capture her soul into a jar and keep it in the SCTTC.

Spirit in The Sky

Sometime later, Cobra had recently researched into some more spiritual events. Soon after finding the correct one where the Northern Lights appear across the sky, Cobra, along with Isaac & Bandit take her soul/spirit to the Northern Lights. Saying farewell, Ariette's soul/spirit goes to the lights to rest with many other of the Celestial-Beings and ancestors. 

Every month Cobra would take Isaac and Bandit to see Ariette's soul/spirit in the Northern Lights.

Personality Traits

Ariette was a very bright, but yet eccentric girl. At a very young age, Ariette was always an adventurous girl at heart and loved to explore. Hearing about his father and who she truly is from her mother, it made her desperate to go out and explore the Universe with her father. 

At School, Ariette suffered alot from bullying but she was strong all the way through. Even when called a freak, she kept her head held high and looked to the future. During schools, numerous schoolmates were also bullied, but she helped out for the schoolmates even if they didn't like Ariette, showing Ariette's courage and bravery.

Even in death, Ariette continued to guide her family through, demonstrating to be very reliable and trustworthy.



  • Cobra - Father
  • ? - Mother
  • Isaac - Brother



Powers & Abilities


  • Celestial Powers: When Ariette was alive, she had many celestial powers and abilities as do most Celestial-Beings.
  • Spiritual Powers: Control over supernatural forces, including ghosts, demons or other Astral planes. She is also able to appear wherever she wants, but only in the form of an older-looking Ariette spirit.


  • Invading Dreams: Ariette is able to communicate or even just appear in people's dreams at will.


  • If you take the first letter from each of the 3 bubbles first names, (Cobra, Isaac and Ariette) it will spell out C.I.A. This is in reference to the character Cobra Bubbles who was originally a C.I.A agent. The character is an inspiration for the one seen today.
  • The decision to make Ariette be bestowed as a soul/spirit entity is influenced by the Inuit Culture.
  • Ariette never was intended to exist, until the creator thought that the Bubbles family needs to be a lot more larger in present day and give the family a lot more tragedy.
  • The name Ariette is an English baby name meaning Melody.
    • May also be derived from the element arietta, meaning 'little aria'. The name could also be derived from the musical term arietta, which refers to a short aria.
    • Ariette is also a loose German version of the name Ari, which means "Eagle".