Alex Smith was a prisoner of war commanded into galactic mercenary business by Mr. Phantom, turned member of The Enforcers, alongside Cobra Bubbles, Isaac Bubbles, Bandit, Bianca Kindleberry and Jack Rogers.



Alex Smith was born on an unknown planet to an unknown species. It is known that Alex was born alien, with some unique powers and abilities.

Prisoner of War

At the age of 4, Alex was taken away by a violent space cult called The Hopeless Ones. Growing up in a violent environent, Alex was disciplined harshly and was made a soldier during this time. Once battles were finished, he was tortured and kept in solitary confinement away from the world. Witnessing the deaths of many which he has caused, Alex was driven almost insane, keeping a small bit of sanity to follow his capturers. 

Employment from Mr. Phantom

At the age of atleast 26, Alex had become one of the wars most dangerous soldiers, some going as far as to say a supersoldier. Mr. Phantom, hearing of Alex, comes to the prison of which Alex is kept in learning of how they control him. Killing them, Mr. Phantom grabs Alex and brings him over to his side, being forced into employment for Mr. Phantom. Using more intimidating techniques, Alex is finally driven to insanity and becomes a controlled force. 

Alex went on to complete various tasks for Mr. Phantom's business, killing many important government officials with major influence, including politicians, lawyers and people set out to reveal Mr. Phantom's business. He becomes a top mercenary for Mr. Phantom, although still controlled via his techniques.


New Assignment

Disappointed by the change of loyalty from Bianca, Mr. Phantom sends out Alex to stop his 'obstacle' as he calls it.

Tower Base

Using his tactic abilities, Alex sets up base at one of Mr. Phantoms multiple planet factories, and the newly forming team fall into the trap, almost being defeated. Being victorius, Alex taunted as they escaped.

Soon after, they return and overpower Alex and his backup forces. In the process, Cobra uses his skills to outsmart Alex and sends him flying elsewhere. Alex washes up on a shore and is found by Mr. Phantom, who from the crash is starting to regain his memories from his broken 'Memory-Crasher' installed by Mr. Phantom on his suit. It is repaired, and Alex is now reforced back into tracking and stopping the team.

The Final Battle

Alex is commanded to guard Mr. Phantom while he finishes up on his new product. With Cobra, Isaac, Bandit, Bianca & Jack seeing the new revealing of Mr. Phantom's dark energy product, Mr. Phantom absorbs the energy and Alex challenges Cobra once again. Whilst the others fight, Cobra was in yet another battle of wits with the mercenary. 

Soon after, Cobra breaks off Alex's Memory-Crasher and knocks him out momentarily, to help with the soon to be overpowered team. Waking up, Alex immediatly switches sides and helps them out, overpowering Mr. Phantom's forces. Mr. Phantom fires the black energy at Cobra, where he is able to hold it, but not for long. Knowing they would help, Cobra fired out the energy into the others, keeping the power stable. After they are all connected (with Alex's help too), Cobra is able to fire the black energy back at Mr. Phantom, Alex's former master, causing the biodome to smash open and Mr. Phantom to be sucked up into the vaccuum of space. Then extinguishing the connection and the energy, Galactic Federation ships come over to the biodome and pick them up.

Becoming a Team

Coming onboard the flagship, the Grand Councilwoman apologizes to Cobra and sends them to be cleared up. Once coming back, each of them are commended for there actions and are given medals as honour. Soon after, the Grand Councilwoman says to Cobra they'll be checking in now and then on them. Nodding, the newly formed 'Enforcers' team set off into the SCTTC ready for adventure.

Alex, Jack & Bianca leave the SCTTC via V.M's, promising to return if the Enforcers need be formed again. With another farewell, they leave and Cobra, Bandit & Isaac demat in the SCTTC to Earth. Alex goes off in search of a path for redemption. 

Personality Traits

Alex is cold, stoic and brutal. Being raised as a prisoner of war put an effect on him. Alex is usually on a search of redemption, realising the pain and grief he has caused to others. As his job as a mercenary from Mr. Phantom, Alex used brutal methods to kill, injure, cripple or just press information out of people, one example is when he threatened someone to put a pole through their throat, which he almost did so until being given a result. He proceeded to murder them anyway.

Since recovering from the control of Mr. Phantom, Alex became less masochistic, but still maintaned his stoic behaviour and vile attitude. He became a bit more relaxed, but was still uneven and rough. His role in the Enforcers was very controversial across countless galaxies, though Alex was without a doubt still a noble friend and team-mate inside the team. To him, and the rest, the Enforcers were more like a family then a team.

Alex sometimes has violent outbursts, which usually has to be calmed down by others. However, if prolonged, Alex becomes more aggressive, unstable and insane. Alex's tiny ounce of sanity has grown over time though.



  • Mother - ?
  • Father - ?
  • Enforcers (Team/Family)
    • Cobra Bubbles - Leader, Friend and Teammate
    • Isaac Bubbles - Friend and Teammate
    • Bandit - Friend and Teammate
    • Bianca Kindleberry - Friend, Teammate & Possible Love Interest
    • Jack Rogers - Friend and Teammate


  • Ariette Bubbles


  • Mr. Phantom - Former boss turned enemy

Powers & Abilities







  • There isn't many inspirations for Alex Smith, although he may share some traits to alot of characters and is like a Robocop plus Terminator combined but is still capable of thought, feeling and understanding life and death.
    • Similarities could be drawn between Alex and Terminator 2: Judgement Day's T-800; both are robotic, both are stoic, both are reduced to 'no killing' after being created/forced to do so for their entire life and both have no compassion for the dead, although Alex understands life and death.
  • Alex's second name 'Smith' is actually a fill in for what his real second name is. It was revealed that 'Smith' is not his real second name sometime during a mission carried out on a part-time black market manufacterer in the orbit of planet Solona.
  • Alex seems to have some sort of machinery inside his body. It could possibly mean it was inserted into him during his prisoner of war or mercenary days, it could be related to his unknown species or Alex is just a robot.